UPDATED: As Sacramento County Democratic Party rescinds his endorsement, Ly says he welcomes Grand Jury investigation

County Party Chair Urges Sacramento Area, Elk Grove Elected ...

UPDATED 8/15 5:45 a.m. |  

At their monthly meeting last night, the Democratic Party of Sacramento County rescinded their endorsement of Elk Grove Mayor Steve Ly.

The vote was taken during the five-hour meeting after some members asked for the action following recent controversies involving Ly and his former campaign manager Linda Vue, Cosumnes Community Services District Director Jaclyn Moreno and Elk Grove Unified School District Trustees Nancy Chaires-Espinoza and Bobbie Singh-Allen, who is challenging Ly in this year's mayoral race,  who have all accused Ly and associates of engaging in harassment and threats.

The unconfirmed vote tally was 30 to 11 to withdraw the endorsement. At an earlier meeting, Ly had been endorsed by consent.

The action comes following the Wednesday night meeting of the Elk Grove City Council where they decided to ask the Sacramento County Grand Jury to investigate the allegations against Ly. It is unknown if the Grand Jury, who is empaneled until December 30, 2020, will initiate the investigation now or wait until the new panel is seated on January 1, 2021, for an extended 18-month term.

In response to the action, Mayor Ly said he respects the decision of the county party and reiterated he does not condone harassment. 

"This is related to the issue of alleged harassment by my supporters being referred to the grand jury, which I support. I have said time and again that I do not condone harassment towards anyone in any way, shape, or form. I have also said I believe the individuals, respect their concerns and have also apologized for what the individuals experienced. I have also called for the formation of a city ethics commission to address these types of issues. I look forward to the findings, and will stand by whatever the grand jury decides.”

Terry Schanz, Chairperson of the Democratic Party of Sacramento said although Singh-Allen is a registered Democrat, she is not a member of the county Democratic Party. 

"She is ineligible for consideration of endorsement due to her continued endorsement of Republicans for public office," Schanz said. 

He added "While the party will not weigh in on the Elk Grove mayor’s race, we will be very active this fall supporting a number of candidates in Elk Grove including Maureen Craft for City Council. Sacramento County’s blue wave will be strong in Elk Grove and we look forward to celebrating Democratic victories from the White House to City Hall this November."

Starting on page 25 of the club's bylaws detail the formal endorsement process. 

The political party affiliation, if any, of the third candidate in the Elk Grove mayoral race, Brian Pastor, is not known. 

Story updated to include statements from Terry Schanz.  

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Randy Bekker said...

The house of cards are falling. Ly’s lack of responsibility an taking leadership of this issue is showing. The fact his local political party supporters voted to rescind their endorsement shows they do not agree with his handling of these abusive stories from community members an elected officials. Craft, Moua an Singh will have to decide to continue to be quiet. If they choose not to denounce Ly it could create problems for their campaigns. Bobbie Singh-Allen may not seek an endorsement from the Sacramento club as Bobbie works across the isle with Republicans for the citizens of Elk Grove not her political party.

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