Through combination of loans, contributions Moua raises $83,000 for Elk Grove City Council District 1 race

Elk Grove City Council candidate Ali Moua. |

While the list of candidates for Elk Grove Mayoral and District 3 city council races balloons, with just three days until the filing deadline, only one candidate has filed papers to challenge incumbent councilmember Darren Suen. That candidate, Ali Moua, filed his campaign financial disclosure last week, and it revealed he could provide a legitimate challenge to Suen, who is seeking his third term.

According to his California Form 460, Moua raised $83,028 for the six months ending June 30. The report shows Moua raised $28,028 and received loans of $55,000.

The $28,028 cash donations came from 36 individuals. Moua received two loans totaling $55,000 from his wife, Tou Vang.

Although Suen's last campaign was in 2018 when he unsuccessfully challenged Steve Ly for Elk Grove mayor, during his 2016 city council campaign (Suen was appointed to the city council in 2014), he had a token challenge from a candidate who did not campaign nor raised funds. Although Moua does not have the institutional contribution that incumbents like Suen enjoy, Moua, who is of Hmong descent, has tapped into that community for most of his funding.  

Among the expenses incurred during the reporting period, Moua spent over $1,500 for airline flights in March for fundraising events in Greenville, S.C., and Minneapolis. After expenses of $8,090 for the period, Moua entered July with $74,937. 

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D.J. Blutarsky said...

Boy that is one happy bunch of people in the picture!

Randy Bekker said...

Here we go again campaign monies coming from out of the state. Mr.Moua moved here recently to run in District 1 against Darren Suen. A buddy of Mayor Ly that is currently embattled in his own political fight. As of now there has been no comment from Mr. Moua about Steve Ly’s abusive behavior. Is he a plant for the CNU project? For someone just moving in Elk Grove it’s hard to fairly evaluate his sincereness to represent citizens in District 1. Re-elect Darren Suen don’t take the bait. This could be a wolf in sheep’s clothing. I highly question Mr. Moua’s candidacy.

Gregory Jones said...

He did his fundraising ** where**?!?

I thought this was a local race.

White Hat said...

I'm curious as to why these candidates need to go out of state to get money for a local race. Really makes you wonder.

Steve L said...

Yeah, this is NOT GOOD. I must question this candidate's motives and allegiances at this point. WE don't need our local electeds raising $$ out of the area. It just smells bad.

The fact that he's a supporter of the mayor, is also quite compelling.In the "Me Too" era, you're either with them (alleged) or against them. Looks like he's supporting the mayor with all his baggage and his wish to make the mayor a fully funded full-time position. That will cost the community a fortune in times where people are losing their jobs and their homes. No thanks!!

Local politics is getting to be very ugly and we still have 3 months to go. I think it may be time to change them all out and get new blood, new ideas, and some objectivity to the council.

Steve L said...

I'm very surprised at Maureen Craft supporting not only the mayor in this time of "Me Too," but also Mr. Moa who seems to not care about these allegations. She doesn't look happy (no one in photo looks happy) in that photo. Perhaps she's being pressured just like these other women? Perhaps not.

Maureen, what say you?

You want to be a leader, you want the public vote? Where do you stand on these issues? The public deserves to know.

Randy Bekker said...

Steve L, I asked the same question a week or so ago. Where is Maureen Craft? Where is her statement on Steve Ly? She put out a great political statement with the Mayor a few weeks ago as he was supporting her campaign but it seems there is slow response in retraction from her about the Mayor.

D.J. Blutarsky said...

When a jockey jumps onto a losing race horse, it makes them both look bad!

Spoons and Forks said...

Money is money. What difference does it make if the money comes from labor unions, real estate developers or out-of-state small contributors? Ali could argue that given much of his money is from out of state small contributors who have nothing to gain compared to someone like Pappas who will expect another multi-million dollar taxpayer funded incentive for funding all the the city council members.

White Hat said...

Spoons so you think people not living in our great city should have a say in who our council people are. Certain activists pushed for district voting, it should be that way for campaign donations too.

Randy Bekker said...

Spoons an Forks you may be reminded that a lot of out of state money gave us Steve Ly. Should we start listing the reasons why that wasn’t a good idea? There is nothing illegal about it but I do question the sincerity of Mr Moua campaign.

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