Both sides in Hmong, Bobbie Singh-Allen dispute square off during public comment at EGUSD meeting

During the Tuesday, September 1 meeting of the Elk Grove Unified School District Board of Trustees, eight people spoke about allegations leveled at Trustee Bobbie Singh-Allen. The commentary - four on each side - came during the public comment section of the meeting.

Singh-Allen, who is challenging Elk Grove Mayor Steve Ly in this year's election, has been accused by members of the Hmong community of making statements they say are racist. Singh-Allen made the comments in published reports and social media criticizing the Hmong patriarchal system.

The comments from both sides of the dispute can be heard in the videos posted below.

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Steve L said...

Ok, ALL OF YOU, everyone on both sides have had your forum, made your points, ad nauseam I might add, and it's time to move on.The school board listened to your views and comments related to Ms. Singh Allen's comments related to the mayor and the Hmong community as a whole.

The big picture here needs to get back to font-and-center: that is how to get our kids the best schooling they can while insuring their health. This is SO MUCH MORE IMPORTANT than a few Hmong adults caring more retribution related to comments made a month ago, perhaps out of frustration and anger.

THE KIDS!!!! - Let the board get back to trying to help our kids get a useful and complete education. This is the board's mission and with the Covid-19 deadly pandemic affecting so many, this should be their ONLY concern. Stop distracting them from their mission over your hurt feelings. Put on your adult pants!

Let's move forward....and Ms. Singh-Allen, wouldn't hurt for you to take a dose of accountability and humility and submit an apology to those people your comments may have hurt. I recall that's what leaders did, at least a few years ago, anyway.

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