In a series of comments, speakers cast aspersions against Singh-Allen during Elk Grove city council meeting

Among the 15 people speaking during the public comment portion of the Wednesday, September 23 meeting of the Elk Grove City Council meeting were several who attempted to cast aspersions on mayoral candidate of Bobbie Singh-Allen. The Elk Grove Unified School District Trustee is challenging incumbent Mayor Steve Ly in this November's election.

Typical of the comments was a female speaker identified only as Shoua, who condemned Singh-Allen for not apologizing for comments she made that many in the Hmong community characterized as racist. Shoua also said Singh-Allen also shames people who speak against her. 

"Bobbie will victim shame, victim blame, remove, and attack anyone she sees as a threat to her while she moves up the poll," she said. "She is eager to play the victim to those who do not know her."

One of the more controversial comments came from Marie Vue, one of the organizers of the Hmong American Ad Hoc group that has staged a series of protests in Elk Grove against Singh-Allen and the Elk Grove Unified School District. Vue's comments could be interpreted in several ways.

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"Let me spell out to you the issues that are brewing in the city of Elk Grove, at this moment - racism, hate, divide, all spewed from your homegirl Bobbie Singh-Allen's mouth, and most importantly, drugs," Vue said. "Is this who the city of Elk Grove wants as mayor?" 

Vue added while local governmental entities have worked to keep children away from drugs, she implied Singh-Allen was disingenuous. 

"Bobbie Singh-Allen, who is supposed to be a representative of our children runs her mayor campaign with cannabis manufacturing companies," Vue claimed. "What is her hidden agenda? Is she wanting to become mayor so this city can become a cannabis infested city?"

Vue also criticized the four members of the Elk Grove City Council, Steve Detrick, Pat Hume, Stephanie Nguyen, and Darren Suen, who endorsed Singh-Allen by saying, "stop supporting drug dealers supporters in our community." 

One of the callers who spoke in defense of Singh-Allen was Trena Burt, who said Ly has been deceptive with the Hmong community.

"Steve Ly has misled his own people by spreading lies about our school board Trustee, Bobbie Singh-Allen," Burt said. "Anyone who knows her knows she is above reproach."

Burt added that Ly "is a failed leader hiding behind the good works of others."

Two other speakers who defended Singh-Allen said public comments from Ly supporters not related to city business should be limited. One speaker was Elk Grove resident Anthony Renteria.

"It seems like the mayor's followers are calling to complain about someone, to use the city council meetings as some kind of campaign strategy," Renteria said.

Another speaker from the Hmong Ac Hoc group who spoke was Mia Foster, who said an email she sent to Elk Grove elected officials expressing concerns about racism directed at the Hmong community was leaked. That leak, she claimed, resulted in her being harassed on social media and by email by a supporter of Singh-Allen.

"I wonder then as I wonder now, which one of you leaked my email," Foster said. 

Foster added, "Little did I realize that would be the first of many attempts to suppress my voice as a Hmong woman living in Elk Grove." 

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Randy Bekker said...

Ly supporters? Not sure but they will vote for Ly if they live in Elk Grove. Ly knows them personally so if he wanted it to stop he could have a personal conversation with each one of them. But why would he? This all plays in his hand. He may say not me again, not my fault, not my people. I have no control over them. But once again he shows his leadership or should I say lack of leadership. It’s legally allowable for anyone to speak about city business as city attorney Hobbs lined out in last night’s meetings. We the citizens are on this ride an it doesn’t matter if we want to or not. Ms. Singh-Allen has apologized an made clear her comments were towards Ly’s behavior not the aHmong community. One last thing not one of these people that have commented support the ladies that Ly abused or his associates. In fact some of those that continue to comment belittle Ms.Singh-Allen an the other ladies. This alone ought to show the public their true colors an who they really support, Mayor Ly. Shameful behavior!

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