Letter to the editor - Elk Grove Unified School District's 'silence is violence'

Re: August 11 Elk Grove Unified School District Board of Trustees meeting; public comments. | 

On August 11’s school board meeting, many of the public commenters were censored by the Elk Grove USD School Board. Out of precaution, I am copying this to news media for complete transparency.

EGUSD School Board Meeting
Tuesday, September 1, 2020

Good evening, EGUSD School Board Members:

First and foremost, I would like to express my gratitude to Trustee Carmine Forcina. 

Thank you, Honorable Trustee Carmine Forcina. With the exception of you, the EGUSD School Board members and City Council members continue to ignore the Hmong community and refuse to believe that we are constituents of Elk Grove. We are real and thousands of our children go to EGUSD schools. Over 200 of us showed up to your district doorsteps on August 28 to voice our concerns, and no one, not a single representative, acknowledged our existence.

With the exception of Trustee Forcina, your continued silence and inaction of holding your racist colleague, Bobbie Singh-Allen, accountable for the harm she has caused is loud and clear. By ignoring the concerns of the Hmong community, you are accepting Bobbie Singh-Allen’s unethical conduct and bigotry. You are enabling and supporting her by dismissing us, believing her lies that anyone who questions her narrative is an “associate” or “attack dog” of Mayor Ly sent to harass, bully, and intimidate her. 

These false allegations are dangerous and indicative of Bobbie Singh-Allen’s insufferable arrogance and ignorance. What is so troubling is that you all know this too. Are you waiting for one of our students to get bullied or worse? The district prides itself on the motto: “See something, say something.” We saw racist words spew from Bobbie Singh-Allen’s mouth and we are saying something. But, you choose to continue to ignore and dismiss us. Your silence is violence.

Mai P. Vang.

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