Between Gavin Newsom, Jim Cooper & Nav Gil it's like we are living on Orwell's 'Animal Farm'

Geroge Orwell's best-known work is "1984," which told the tale of a dystopian government that thrived on propaganda and controlling people's lives. The events of this week involving California Governor Gavin Newsom, California Assemblymember Jim Cooper, and some of his colleagues, and Sacramento County Executive Nav Gill made it seem like we are living on a version of Orwell's other famous fable, "Animal Farm."

People following the news undoubtedly heard about Newson's trip to the fancy and high-priced French Laundry restaurant for a high-paid lobbyist's 50th birthday party. While Newsom has been urging the use of masks to help prevent the spread of the COVID-19 virus and to limit gatherings, he did not wear a mask as he attended what has been described as a boisterous $350 a plate dinner party in direct defiance of his health dictates. 

For Assemblymember Jim Cooper, he decided to leave the state and travel to Hawaii for a five-day junket at a luxury Maui resort. Cooper decided it was more important to travel out of state while thousands of his constituents in California's 9th Assembly District are diligently following protocols that include avoiding only essential out-of-state travel to lessen the risk of spreading the virus whose death toll in the United States is quickly approaching 250,000 souls. 

For Gil, his transgressions - as it relates to COVID-19 include holding staff meetings without proper PPE and, on top of that, demeaning behavior toward women in the workplace. Oh, and let's not forget Gill's shenanigans with using federal COVID-19 funds to pay sheriff department salaries and not the intended purpose of addressing the health effects of the pandemic.

Which brings us to Orwell's "Animal Farm" - a tale of an uprising of the animals on the Manor Farm against the tyrannical, incompetent master. In their fight to control their destiny, the rebels follow the creed, "all animals are equal."

Eventually, one group of the animals, the pigs, came to lead the rest of the animals, made alliances with other human farm owners, and set their own rules that put them at a significant advantage over the other creatures on the farm. Over time, the "all aminals are equal" eroded bit by bit until it eventually became "All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others." 

The hypocritical action displayed by these three men - two elected and one appointed - show a cavalier attitude toward those who pay their salaries and they are supposed to represent. The actions and behaviors of these three men are reprehensible and should not be forgotten.

The more significant damage of these actions, especially from Newson and Cooper and his fellow legislators, are they effectively give credence to many people who have eschewed scientific evidence and refuse to wear masks and follow COVID-19 health protocols like not traveling out of state for pleasure and not having large gatherings. Now these non-mask users and party-goers can almost rightfully say if Newsom and Cooper don't follow the rules, why should we? 

To paraphrase the saying on "Animal Farm" as it relates to following COVID-19 advisories and the different set of rules for regular folk and powerful people is "all people must comply with the rules, but the exclusives don't have to."  

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Eye on Elk Grove said...

It appears, by the allegations, that Nav Gill and his wife, former Elk Grove City Manager, Laura Gill, have the same management style. City staff, getting no help from within in filing allegations of a hostile work environment, had to reach out for help to the community members, as reported on Elk Grove News (the only Elk Grove media outlet to do so).

After pressure to do so from the community, the Elk Grove City Council investigated a hostile work environment. As reported by then Mayor Pat Hume, changes were made.

If you have ever worked in a hostile work environment, you can relate to how debilitating it can be. No one should work in fear and especially not on the taxpayers’ money.

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