Guest Commentary - How About That Math!

By Dan Schmitt | 

I’ve never been much of a math guy. I’m OK with numeracy because the good nuns in Catholic grade school pounded it into me, and I still have the swollen knuckles as a reminder. But I’ve always struggled with the higher-level stuff. In high school, I was on the two-year program for Algebra I, if you know what I mean! I like math, though, because it makes me think.

Speaking of math and thinking, how about those presidential vote recounts in Wisconsin.  Soon-to-be ex-President Donald Trump was so cocksure that there was massive voter fraud in Dane and Milwaukee Counties, two counties that Joe Biden easily won, that he paid 3 million dollars for recounts.

Well, the recount is finished in Milwaukee County, and President-Elect Biden picked up an additional 132 votes.  So, here’s where the math comes in.  President Trump paid 3 million dollars for a recount in two Wisconsin counties, which means it cost him 1 ½ million dollars (3 million dollars divided by 2) for the Milwaukee County recount.  Soon-to-be President Biden picked up an addition 132 votes with the recount.  That means, Trump paid $11,363.64 for each additional Biden vote (1 ½ million dollars divided by 132).

Now, again, I’m not a math person, but it does appear pretty obvious that the guy who touts himself as the world’s greatest “deal maker” lost his shorts in the Milwaukee County vote recount.  I wonder if any of President Trump’s advisors will try to talk him into doing a recount in the 33 California counties that Biden won.  You never know; there might have been massive voter fraud in those counties too. Thirty-three counties times 1 ½ million dollars per county comes to about 50 million dollars, which is a lot of money, but, if every one of those counties flip to Trump because of all that voter fraud, he’d pick up 55 electoral votes giving him the presidency, and it would be money well spent.

Ya, ya, I get it. The probability (I really had trouble with that math concept) of that happening is probably equal to that of “me getting gored by a purple one-eyed bull while swimming the breast-stroke smack dab in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean all the while singing ‘Mary Had a Little Lamb.’”  But, hey, it is possible, right?

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