Letter to the editor - Re: Will the deceit ever end?

I'll admit, I've never been a fan of our current mayor. He's always been self-absorbed, hypocritical,  and abusive to those who don't share his views or his methods. I've also not been reluctant to state my disapproval of him when I've thought he crossed a line. For most of the election cycle, I've observed him create more problems for himself than I could have ever imagined and I've largely remained silent.

However, just recently it was brought to my attention that Mayor Ly's Wikipedia page states that he attended UC Davis School of Law and at the bottom of this page under "Categories: UCD School of Law Alumni," he's listed as having earned his law degree from UCD. I've also been told his name is listed elsewhere as a UCD law alum.

I had always been under the impression that the mayor earned his degree from an un-accredited local law school or an on-line law school, no small task; either way it's an incredible undertaking and an accomplishment to be proud of.  


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On Friday, I notified the mayor at his city e-mail address of the Wikipedia notation and asked him to please correct it before the November 3 election day. I received no response.

This morning I noticed the UC Davis Law School notation was still present. I promptly contacted the UCD School of Law registrar who confirmed in writing that Steve Ly NEVER GRADUATED from their school.

This is just another example of a man with no scruples, no moral compass. His recent mailer with our EG Police Chief and former SSO Donna Cox was a deplorable misstatement of fact.

It's time for Elk Grove to demand more from their electeds. Just simple truth and caring about the future of our city. Not too much to ask.....or is it?

Steven M. Lee, Elk Grove, Calif. 


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Steve L said...

Note: As of yesterday afternoon, any reference to Mr. Ly’s attendance or graduation from UCD School of Law has been removed from his Wikipedia page.
Thank you Mr. Mayor and looks all look forward to a much better 2021.

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