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Two yearsago today, the proposed California Northstate University hospital project was unleashed on the public. 

Some of the videos over the last two years of CNU's interaction with the people and the City of Elk Grove are posted below. 

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Steve L said...

Well stated.
With the election, the virus, the historic wildfires and the reduced air quality, our local community issues have been largely ignored. Hopefully, with a new administration and reliable vaccines we can turn our attention back to local issues.
2022? They haven't even broken ground or procured required docs to build a hospital.
This is just another opportunity to make Elk Grove look foolish for buying in. How gullible are we?

D.J. Blutarsky said...

Agree with Steve L. The other thing is, I'm not sure the hospital was ever going to benefit us in Elk Grove anyway. CNU has never stated that they had agreements to partner with any the major health insurance carriers. Seems to me that would be one of the first questions potential investors would ask. So, if that question is not being asked, then who are the investors; what is their source of money; and who will be the true beneficiaries of this hospital?

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