As the clock ticks down on the Trump era, prominent Republicans bailing on Trump; Goldwater moment?

With just over 7 days and 17 hours left in the presidency of Donald Trump, prominent Republicans are bailing.

This afternoon, it is reported GOP Senate Leader Mitch McConnel supports Trump's impeachment as a means of expunging Trump from the Republican party. McConnell is also reportedly considering to vote for a conviction once the impeachment trial is held in the Senate.

Separately, Rep. Liz Cheney (R - Wy.) has announced that she will vote for impeachment tomorrow. Cheney is the third-ranking Republican leader in Congress and the daughter of former Vice President Dick Cheney.

Is this the same moment in the 1974 resignation of Richard Nixon when Arizona Senator Barry Goldwater and other Republicans told him an impeachment conviction was imminent and it would be better for the country that he resign? Or, will this move by McConnell sufficiently motivate Vice President Mike Pence and those remaining members of the Trump cabinet to invoke the 25th amendment?

Regardless, the clock is ticking down and the question remains, why couldn't McConnell and Cheney have taken these steps in the immediate aftermath of the January 6 coup attempt? 


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