Book Review - A Man Called Ove

By Suzanne Gougherty | 

If you were to compare A Man Called OVer to a Movie, the 1993 feature Grump Old Men starring Jack Lemon and Walter Matthau comes to mind. Unlike the movies, there is only one grump in this stork - Ove. 

This New York Times bestseller was on the charts for nearly two years, written by a Swed - Fredrik Backman, a blogger and newspaper columnist.  He has a way of telling a good story free of violence, swearing, or the like.

So dear Ove sees the world in black and white, no gray area what so ever - period.  He is widowed, a solitary man, firm in his beliefs, and he has the most difficult time adjusting to any change at all.   

Coffee should be made such and such a way, one should only drive a Saab, no other auto is acceptable.  Ove's neighbors are his daily nuisance, and everything about his life is by his rule - period.   

Speaking of his neighbors, they are a delightful crew, wacky and even serious at times who all seem to get under Ove's skin daily.  From cars to cats and computers all of them combined to drive him nuts.  

A day in November his mailbox is accidentally flattened that sets the scene with his new neighbors, an Iranian family, with two chatty, chatty daughters.  As other events unfold in the neighborhood Ove starts to see things differently.

The story is funny, sad, heartwarming, lots of humor, and demonstrates the pain and laughter that comes with being a human being.  With all those emotions, Backman makes the pages flow easily, plus, it has a few twists and turns along the way and is worthy of reading.  


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