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By Steven M. Lee | EGN Contributor | 

How many of the readers on this site are outraged by the national events of the past two months? You’re out there, right?

Our democracy has been attacked; not by a foreign country, but from the inside of the government itself. That sounds so Orwellian to even write, but it’s true. 

I watched, as many of you did, as American citizens attempted a coup of the Congress and our democracy in the attack on the nation’s capitol building last week resulting in numerous deaths and injuries to fellow Americans. I had to ask myself, who are these people? Why are they revolting in such a destructive manner for the entire world to witness?

I heard them state that they were patriots, standing up for a stolen election. I think they truly believe in their cause, but why?

WHERE IS ANY EVIDENCE to support that claim? If there was such evidence, I might well have joined them as I hold our democracy close to my heart and consider myself a patriot. Trump could have tweeted documentation of fraud for all to examine. He’s the president, he could have shown America the evidence he compiled establishing fraud or treason in a press conference. He did neither. He filed lawsuits and submitted them to judges he appointed. These judges dismissed every one of his cases for insufficient evidence or lack of standing; everyone, over 50. Even the Supreme Court twice rebuked his arguments. There is no evidence of fraud.

These Americans who participated, condoned, or allowed this attack to be carried out on our government have not one shred of evidence to support that claim other than the word of President Trump. Is he biased? Does he have an interest in the outcome? Has he ever lied or been untruthful?

The answers are self-evident. I know Trump received over 71 million votes in November, but his opponent received millions more. The American people have spoken.

Why the insurrection? Why do people follow this man religiously? Understand he doesn’t care about any of you. He cares only about himself. During his incitement speech prior to the attempted coup, he used the pronoun “we,” he said, “ he’ll” march with you. He didn’t. He sat in his office and watched on TV.

Joseph Biden will now try to bring this country together. He seems like a decent and well-meaning man. He’s done nothing to alienate anyone. He deserves our support until he proves he’s no longer worthy of it. If you Trump supporters are true American patriots, you’ll support Joe Biden, the American government, and most importantly the United States Constitution. Are you up to the challenge?

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