Elk Grove News Minute - City Council Cowards & The Big Lie

Note: In this edition, we break format and extend the segment to 90 seconds.

Two Republican members of the Elk Grove City Council have failed a basic test of leadership and courage. The leader of their party – Donald Trump – has perpetrated The Big Lie about the 2020 presidential election.

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Eye on Elk Grove said...

And I hear public comment didn't go well either. This isn't the Chamber or Rotary, fellas, where your people just kiss your respective butts!

So what do we have here, one failing at the end of his tenure and one failing at the beginning?

I wonder if the "white hats," as Hume once referred to them, stormed council chambers, would Hume and Spease run out the backdoor or stay and greet the MAGAs with open arms?

D.J. Blutarsky said...

If pressed for an answer, those two who you speak of would probably remind us that local elections are non-partisan! The real answer is that our local electeds want it both ways: partisan when it comes to fund raising and endorsements; non-partisan when it comes to dodging the dirty laundry and missteps that BOTH parties bring to the table all too often.

On the flip side, Spease and BSA campaigned on COVID recovery--ask them about Newsom's dismal vaccination program that has only distributed 1/3 of the available vaccinations and places California 49th in the nation for distribution effectiveness. I also hope no Elk Grove residents are affected by the EDD unemployment check fiasco!

Bottom line: I question whether our five local electeds have much effectiveness or influence beyond our city boundaries, and certainly don't want to hear their opinions on matters beyond their control. It's hard enough to listen to their opinons on matters they Do have contol of!

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