Elk Grove News Minute Podcast midweek edition - Unlike untelevised revolutions, Trump's coup d'etat’ attempt will be on TV

On January 6th, 2021, we will witness an attempted coup d'etat in America live and on TV. Donald Trump’s coup attempt is not surprising as he has openly expressed these intentions for months.

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Steve L said...

Absolutely true and well stated! Every elected that moves to disavow the principles of American democracy and the the overrule the people's vote should be immediately subject to recall.
The president has had ample opportunity to establish any wrongdoing in any state. More than 50 law suits have been denied due to lack of evidence. The US Supreme Court had denied two suits as baseless despite his stacking the court with his handpicked conservatives. Most all of these suits were brought in states controlled by REPUBLICANS.
Trump LOST the election. If he's not man enough to acknowledge the loss then he just needs to go away, he's embarrassing himself and the country.
The American people have spoken. They don't want him as president anymore.

ps34 said...

Oh man, you totally called this one. I can't believe they did that!

ps34 said...

Oh wow, you totally called it. I can't believe my eyes.

Eye on Elk Grove said...

Let's see if the Republicans on the Elk Grove City Council will denounce Donald Trump's actions. JFK's book "Profiles in Courage" was mostly about politicians who went against their party because it was the right and just.

So do the two Republicans on the Elk Grove City Council have the bravery and courage to speak out against Donald Trump? We shall see.

If these domestic terrorists could storm our Nation's Capitol, what's to say it couldn't happen at our own city hall? I still see trucks around Elk Grove with the big Confederate Flag, along with a Trump flag, waving on the back.

Sad to say Dan Gougherty, you predicated this would happen months ago. I needed to believe you were wrong, but alas you were called it.

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