The Big Lie - Will Elk Grove City Councilmembers Hume, Spease stand up for the Constitution or Trump?

The events in the last month, much less the previous week, are without precedent in American history. Even though the attack on our capitol building was shocking, anyone paying attention to the hatred and vitriol over the last four years and the threats about rejecting the election results and The Big Lie from Donald Trump was unsurprised with the attempted coup d'etat he spurred.

In the aftermath, some Republican Congress members have spoken out against Trump's coup attempt, most notably Rep. Liz Cheney, Wyoming's sole representative. As third in command of the minority party, Cheney clearly stated she stands for the Constitution, not Trump and The Big Lie.

Republicans closer to home, like Rep. Tom McClintock, while not as forceful as Cheney, wisely voted to accept the electoral college results and not take part in Trump's Big Lie. Others, like minority leader Kevin McCarthy, who, even after he and other legislators were attacked under threat of violence, voted to accept Trump's Big Lie and damage our democracy.

Tonight, the Elk Grove City will convene their first meeting of 2021, and the first since the events surrounding Trump's Big Lie has unfolded. Our city council has two Republican members, Pat Hume and Kevin Spease, and it is crucial and fair to know if they stand for their oath to the Constitution or the lies of Trump.

Will Hume, who has called the electoral college "elegant" from the dais, denounce the attempted coup, stand in defense of the results of the November election, or stand in defense of Trump and his repeated Big Lie? Will Spease, the newly elected Republican District 3 representative, take a mainstream GOP stance like Cheney or be a cowering blob of marshmallow just like McCarthy and the other 121 spineless cowards who went along with The Big Lie?

Silence during city council comments equals complicity. 


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Steve L said...

Okay, I'll bight. What did they say or not say?

White Hat said...

Why should anybody have to "denounce" someone just to pacify snowflakes and their hurt feelings.

Dominick said...


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