The permanent campaign - Elk Grove elected official continues paid political advertising

Permanent political campaigns have become a staple of American politics, especially at the highest levels. Now it seems they are becoming a staple of local politics, at least in Elk Grove.

While elements of the permanent campaign have been inhabited Elk Grove politics in some form since the start, they picked up following former Mayor Gary Davis' 2012 election which was the first time the mayor was directly elected. The fact that the mayor's term is two years makes this somewhat understanding.

In recent days, one of the other four city councilmembers, which have four-year terms, started paid political campaign advertising with a piece that arrived in every mailbox in Elk Grove.  

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Spoons and Forks said...

It looks like those ads for Kevin were in that calendar that comes in the mail every year. I can't say for sure because when I received mine the other day it went straight into the recycle bin. Good use of $ Kevin.

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