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In its 20 years as a city, the Elk Grove City Council has held hundreds of meetings. Many were routine, while several were contentious.

But in the last dozen or so years, maybe the most bizarre proceedings happened seven years ago in February 2014. What was unique about this meeting was that on its surface it was routine, but within a few days of its conclusion, things changed. 

In this edition of Elk Grove News Podcast, we’ll take a look back at that meeting, which we are calling Anything for his Royal Highness.

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D.J. Blutarsky said...

I'd laugh if this story wasn't so pitiful! Elk Grove is an easy mark--Granite Bay developers know it; Costco sales tax accountants know it; a slew of feasibility consultants know it; the Tour of California bike race know it; everyone who sells property to the City knows it; and even Nigeria knew it! Elk Grove is globally famous!

Eye on Elk Grove said...

Oh D.J., them's fightin' words. You don't want to get the same memo the Lone Star State got from the Gary "Mayor Emeritus" Davis which says, "Don't mess with Elk Grove!"

Steve L said...

We should all thank citizen Michael Monasky for saving the city of complete and total world-wide embarrassment had he not spoken up and exposed this ill-fated and half-baked plan to honor the leader of a 3rd world country that abuses and denigrates women and worse to those who don't share his political views.

This is just another example of Gary Davis's short-sightedness and lack of knowledge. He's certainly no replacement for respected Don Notolli.

Readers: keep the Gary Davis hits coming. His greatest hits record may be better than the Eagles multi-platinum version. Self-anointed Mayor Emeritus needs to be exposed for his lack of leadership and his issues of malfeasance.

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