Hidden Review - Jamie's Broadway Grill

Even though Sacramento's Jamie's Grill on Broadway is an area favorite, it is the type of place that you can quickly drive by if you have never been there before. Located across from Channel 10's massive TV antenna on Broadway, the wood shingle facade on the front of the building is easy to pass by.

Despite its almost hidden location, since opening in 1986, it has established itself as not only a good watering hole, it is known for good, hearty meals. Like every restaurant, it has learned to operate under different conditions during the COVID-19 pandemic.

With restrictions loosening, this week a friend and I had the opportunity to meet for lunch, and we agreed Jaime's would be the place. My last visit was in February 2020, and I am pleased to report, their food is as good as before.

While I usually get their famous steak sandwich and take one of two sandwiches home for a later snack, this time I went with a cheeseburger and side salad while my friend selected the grilled chicken breast. We both enjoyed our respective sandwiches and affirmed they were as good as always.

While Jamie's menu can be described as Americana - burgers, steak sandwiches, prime rib, fish & chips, and a daily seafood special, there are a few quirky things offered. Our favorite in this category is roasted turkey with cranberry sauce, just in case you can't wait until Thanksgiving.  

The only knock I have on this visit was service. The service per se was fine, but we did notice things were a bit slow.

Our server was apologetic and attentive, so it was no problem. Like many restaurants coming out of the pandemic, I suspect they might be having trouble recruiting kitchen and wait staff.

There were a couple of changes we noticed, aside from the spread-out dining room. We had our meal outdoors under what appeared to be a permanent fixture.

That is good news, especially during those lunch rushes, which happen almost every day. Also, Jamie's was famously closed on weekends in pre-pandemic days, but there was a sign saying they are now open on Saturdays, which is a welcome change.

Now that the pandemic is winding down - let's keep our fingers crossed - we hope to visit Jamie's more often, and if you are looking for good solid food, stop by. Just look for the colossal antenna!    

427 Broadway
Sacramento 95818 

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