Sac DA Ann Marie Schubert announces candidacy for California Attorney General

In a press conference this morning, Sacramento County District Attorney Ann Marie Schubert announced her 2022 candidacy for California Attorney General. 

Since becoming district attorney in 2014, Schubert made advocacy of victim's rights' the centerpiece of her tenure as district attorney and this morning's announcement. More recently, Schubert's national profile was elevated by the prosecution of Joseph James DeAngelo, the so-called Golden State Killer.

Citing the families of the victims of violent crimes, Schubert said, "each has their own story, and there are thousands more like them across California from all demographics and countless different backgrounds."

While Schubert took a get-tough on criminals' approach during her presentation, she also noted her role in the reversal of a wrongly convicted person. 

"I am relentless in seeking the truth regardless of what that truth is," Schubert said. "The exoneration of Ricky Davis for a murder he did not commit was one of the proudest moments as a prosecutor."

Shubert also targeted California Attorney General Rob Bonta, who was recently appointed to the position by Gov. Gaven Newsom, saying he responsible for laws that are not tough on criminals. Bonta replaced Xavier Becerra, who was appointed as the U.S. Secretary of Health and Human Services.

"Let me be clear, the newly appointed attorney general has voted for and supported policies and laws that not only are destroying the rights of crime victims but are destroying public safety in the state," Schubert said. "Here is the truth, California's criminal justice system is in chaos when policymakers and reckless prosecutors talk tough about protecting all of us, yet they turn around and refuse to take action to protect us, that is chaos."

Schubert, formally a Republican but switched to independent, did not say what party she would adopt for her candidacy. There are currently no Republicans holding statewide office in California. 

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