UPDATED: Recall petition signature drive against Elk Grove Mayor Bobbie Singh-Allen launched by Elk Grove Hmong Americans

UPDATED. During their March 23 announcement at Elk Grove City Hall are Elk Grove Hmong American founders and recall effort organizers Mia Foster (left), Sai Vang, and Marie Vue.  | 

Updated  7 p.m. | 

In a press release issued this afternoon, the group organizing a recall election against first-term Elk Grove Mayor Bobbie Singh-Allen says they will start gathering signatures effective today.

The recall effort was announced on March 23 at Elk Grove City Hall by a group calling itself Elk Grove Hmong  American's.  EGHA's main contention against Singh-Allen stems from published comments made last summer while she was running against then Elk Grove Mayor Steve Ly, who is of Hmong descent, that they assert are offensive to the Hmong culture and people. 

In their press release, EGHA organizers said the language of their recall had been approved and that as of today, they would start gathering signatures. According to their information, they must secure 10,470 signatures of registered voters in Elk Grove to qualify for a special election. 

The 10,470 signatures represent 10-percent of the registered voters in Elk Grove. The recall proponents have 160 days from May 14, the day the language was approved, to collect their signatures to conduct the recall election. 

According to the Elk Grove City Clerk's office, should the recall qualify for a special election, voters will be asked yes or no on the recall and to vote for a replacement candidate. The winning candidate, should voters approve the recall, will only need a plurality of votes to win the office.

Since making her comments last summer about Ly while he was subjected to criticism over the allegations he faced, Singh-Allen has been hounded by numerous allegations during public comment at Elk Grove City Council meetings and other forums. While she was still a Trustee for the Elk Grove Unified School District, a large demonstration against her was held late last summer at the school district's offices.

Those criticisms of Singh-Allen continued after she took her oath of office in December. Following the March announcement of the recall effort, those criticisms during city council meetings have subsided.  

Singh-Allen and members of the EGHA did not immediately respond to requests for comment. An immediate cost of the recall election is not available.

UPDATED 7 p.m. 

Although Mayor Singh-Allen did not respond to our request, she shared documentation she was required to record with the Sacramento County Voters Registtion and Elections. The entire document can be bee viewed below. 

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Spoons and Forks said...

Getting 10,000 signature, and probably more like 12,000 for an error of margin is no small task. They'll need to get an average of 75 sigs a day. Unless they go door to door, they better have a lot of people out in grocery store parking lots!

Randy Bekker said...

If successful when residents find out the costs of a special election when next year is an election year the fall out will not go well for them an any future candidates they may back. Not a big fan of recalls!

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