Shortline Lake homeowners led by former Elk Grove Councilmember Detrick oppose housing project

Homeowners in Elk Grove's most exclusive gated community oppose affordable single-family
housing units near their neighborhood. | 

A group of homeowners led by a former Elk Grove City Councilmember in one of Elk Grove's most exclusive gated communities has come out in force against a rezoning that would locate high-density housing near their subdivision. 

Residents of Shortline Lake on Sheldon Road have submitted comments in advance of tonight's Elk Grove Planning Commission meeting opposing rezoning a vacant parcel on the northeast corner of Sheldon and Power Inn roads. The rezone request seeks to change the parcel to seven housing units per acre, or so-called RD-7 housing, and provide 123 single-family housing units in a new subdivision called Sheldon Grove.

Leading the effort is Shortline resident, homeowner, and former District 3 City Councilmember Steve Detrick. Along with comments submitted in advance by Detrick and other Shortline residents, other Elk Grove residents have been contacted via text messaging by the former three-term council member to oppose the proposed rezoning.

The 19.8-acre parcel, one of the last large vacant parcels in District 3, is tied directly to Detrick's involvement in politics and his successful bid for the city council in 2008. Previously, the parcel, which is owned by Sacramento developer Angelo G. Tsakopoulus was the proposed site for a Walmart Supercenter. 

Detrick and several other nearby residents activated opposition to the site, saying it was inappropriate for such a large-scale retail operation to be located in a residential neighborhood. Walmart dropped their plans, and the parcel has remained zoned general commercial and community commercial.

In comments submitted on May 22, Detrick argues the higher zoning is incompatible with surrounding neighborhoods. He notes, "this is a higher density then [sic] the majority of properties with approximately 75% that are adjacent that range from AG-5 acre parcels to RD-5, 5 homes per acre." and states "as far as I am aware of, there have not been any public out reach meetings for this project." 

Yesterday, Detrick submitted additional comments saying, "Elk Grove deserves better, we deserve better! We live here, the developers DO NOT live here!"

Tonight's planning commission meeting starts at 6 p.m. and can be viewed on the city's website. 

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Neo Elk Grove said...

Isn't it ironic during a recent meeting that Councilman Pat Hume referenced Steve Detrick when talking to the people who live near Sheldon High School who were objecting to an affordable housing project near their subdivision. Pat Hume paraphrased Detrick's comments that when people buy their home's near vacant land, do your homework.

Caveat emptor was the phrase, according to Hume, that Detrick used when brushing aside constituents.

Well it seems Detrick doesn't practice what he preached when he bought his house. But are we even surprised - maybe he thinks that rule doesn't apply to him.

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