Voices of Elk Grove - District 3 homeowner voices frustration over increased panhandling, sidewalk repair assessments

During their Wednesday, June 23 meeting, the Elk Grove City Council heard from a District 3 homeowner who drew a contrast between how the city government deals with repairs to sidewalks and the collection of trash generated by the unsheltered population in the community. 

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Atticus Finch said...

BSA cutting off the speaker at the end in spite of her First Amendment rights to address politicians in a public forum. We should all know, if you have praises and kudos to the council, they will "allow" you to exceed the 3 minute limit. Likewise, if you are a developer, supporter or contribute to their re-election campaigns, you won't be so hastily cut off. However, if you only have criticisms for these politicians, no matter how warranted, you'll be lucky to get your 3 minutes to speak.

Josie said...

While I favor giving speakers three minutes each, but allowing some latitude to give more time 'to help the person finish their thought'. Especially when there are only one or two speakers as was the case this week.

It is my understanding that Speaker time limits are reasonable under state law, but can't be based on the speakers viewpoint. If it is obvious from the way the city council allocates time that they are favoring one viewpoint or another, would this not run afoul of the states open meetings law? Just curious........

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