Elk Grove News Minute: Politicians - Tribalism starts, ends with you and your ilk

Two weeks ago was a rare moment of national unity on the 20th anniversary of the 9 -11 attacks. But as one Elk Grove, Calif. elected official noted, that unity quickly evaporated.

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White Hat said...

Why should anybody have to denounce anything. Are we going back to schoolyard bully days?

Eye on Elk Grove said...
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Eye on Elk Grove said...

Pat Hume: With your “holier than thou” tribalism comment, you opened the door here for comments. Case in point: The subject of today’s EGN Minute.

I guess Hume didn’t heed the admonishment from his new leader, Mayor BSA, when she told her fellow council members that there is no room for an elitist mentality on the Elk Grove City Council.

But then again, for over 15 years, we mere, uneducated citizens, have been bombarded with Pat “Mensa-Man” Hume letting everyone know he is the smartest one up on the dais, enduring his arm-waving, finger-pointing diatribes and more.

Let’s hope the voters counter with, “Enough is enough of Hume” and all his boring, tyrannical theatrics during Election 2022.

So much for Hume’s new degree in conflict resolution, one who overuses cliches, with his “all hat and no cattle” persona, and one who is most guilty of tribalism. What is the old saying? “Physician, heal thyself!”.

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