Distortion about street flooding by Elk Grove Mayor Singh-Allen

By D. A. Gougherty |

Politicians, by nature, continually spin reality. We have seen distortions on every level of politics, from the national to the local level. 

Today Elk Grove Mayor Bobbie Singh-Allen, in damage control mode, sought to distort the reality of events that happened yesterday in the Quail Ranch subdivision. During yesterday's Atmospheric River rainfall event, that neighborhood was flooded with mud from the adjacent Silverado Village subdivision currently under development.

Notwithstanding comments made by Ryan Tidwell and Kathy Lee expressing concerns about the very flooding event their neighborhood experienced yesterday at the October 13 city council meeting (see video here), the Mayor sought to distort and minimize the occurrence. In her Facebook page posting this afternoon, this is how she described the event:

"All of the systems worked as planned."

There is no other way to say this, but that is a four-nose Pinocchio Lie. Had the systems worked as planned, the water and mud would not have flowed into Quail Ranch and Bond Road.

Having viewed the event firsthand yesterday afternoon, it was visible from Bond Road the mud and water did not flow, as the mayor claims, as planned. Does the plan call for the flooding of Bond Road and the streets in the Quail Ranch neighborhood Madame Mayor?  

As other people in Quail Ranch will attest, the system did not work as planned. How can you say it worked as planned when streets became fast-flowing rivers of mud water?  

Either the Silverado developers, Elk Grove City Manager Jason Behrmann and or Development Services Director Darren Wilson fed the mayor a line, or she claimed it on her own.

Regardless, she posted it, so she owns it, and it is nothing but a lie! 

Mayor Singh-Allen, you seem genuine in your desire to advance the city. Stunts like lying about an event damage your credibility. 

It's easy - be honest and say there was a failure. Just don't lie about what everyone can see.   

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D.J. Blutarsky said...

Despite the fact that the Mayor position is largely ceremonial and is worth only one vote, I am a big fan of Bobbie. She is alll over social media everyday with photographer in-tow, spreading good cheer all over our city. And you have to give credit for how she went low and basically bullied Steve ly right out of re-election. That takes chutzpah! So a little rainwater won't dampen my support for BSA!

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