Questions & Answers on Elk Grove Police vaccination rates, requirements

One of many controversies following the development of the COVID-19 vaccines has been requirements on who should be required to receive them. Some private companies and public agencies require their employees to be vaccinated, which has generated pushback from workers and unions. 

Nationally one group of public employees and their union that has significantly pushed backed on the requirements are police officers. The Elk Grove Police Officers Association represents non-management sworn officers. 

To learn about the Elk Grove Police Department's requirements, we sent vaccine inquiry questions to the city manager, the assistant and police chief, and the police officers' association. Responding on behalf of the city and police department was city manager Jason Behrmann. 

The police officer's association did not respond to the inquiry.    

Are sworn personnel of EGPD mandated to receive any of the COVID19 vaccines now available? 



How many sworn officers are there on the force, and how many have received the vaccinations? 


We have 138 sworn officers at this time. We do not require city employees to report vaccination status so we are unable to provide an accurate number of staff vaccinated. 

Last month the White House issued a statement that employers with 100 or more employees would be required to ensure that all employees are vaccinated or receive a weekly COVID-19 test. This rule has not yet been adopted by OSHA. 

If or when that requirement is imposed on the City, we will comply with the requirement, which may include verifying the vaccination status of city employees.

Short of a mandate, what are the police department's management and the city manager's position on compulsory vaccination of sworn personnel? 


We are following all current CDC, OSHA and Sacramento County Public Health orders and guidelines related to COVID-19. The City does not intend to implement mandatory vaccinations of its employees unless it is required to do so by the appropriate health and safety agencies.

4. Is there anything in the police officers' collective bargaining agreement limiting the city's ability to mandate vaccination? 


No. The City and Department have urged all staff to get vaccinated against COVID-19 to protect themselves, their colleagues, their families, and their communities. 

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