Diversity Commission could lose members after Elk Grove City Council agrees to explore opening all positions

In early 2022, Elk Grove's Diversity and Inclusion Commission could have several new members after the Elk Grove City Council said they would explore the possibility of having all members reapply for membership on the 10 person panel. That action was discussed during Wednesday night's Elk Grove City Council meeting on changes being considered for the commission.

The staff report for the discussion included recommendations about members' qualifications and how changes would be implemented. There were two options presented for consideration - open all the positions for application, including current members, or apply the new qualifications, such as attendance standards, as commission vacancies occur. 

The staff report noted vacancies on the commission are rare, with three of the current members having served since 2012. There were no vacancies in 2019 and 2020 and one this year.

During public testimony, the newest commissioner Tina Lee-Vogt said some members have poor attendance, which creates problems like having a quorum. Also poor attendance creates additional work for the volunteer commissioners. 

"Unfortunately, there are members who do not participate," Lee-Vogt said.  

During city council deliberation, the focus of the conversation was on how to implement changes. Mayor Bobbie Singh-Allen supported opening all positions and requiring existing members to reapply, while City Councilmember Kevin Spease took a different approach and suggested a third option.

All commission and committee nominations are made by the mayor and confirmed by the city council. Earlier this year, all planning commission positions were opened, and existing commissioners were required to reapply if they wanted to continue serving. 

All planning commissioners reapplied, and three were nominated by Singh-Allen. Geroge Murphey and Sergio Robles' nominations were confirmed by the city council but rejected Weiser, and three new members were appointed.  

Spease argued if there are members who are not attending meetings regularly or are disruptive to commission proceedings, the mayor should meet with those individuals. He said constructive members should not be penalized and noted when people are presented with a deficient attendance record; as an example, they will ofter voluntarily resign.

"Perhaps someone has a conversation with those five folks [commissioners] who are not performing," Spease said. 

Spease added, "no one wants to go to a public vote [for removal]," choosing instead, he opined, to resign.

After the meeting, Spease confirmed that he thought the mayor, who makes appointments, should have conversations with commissioners who had not met requirements and encourage their resignation had his option had been adopted. 

Additionally, the city council will consider adding two non-voting youth members to the commission. 

Although there was some support for Spease's option, the council decided to pursue the reapplication process. It will be heard during the December 10 meeting. 

Current members of the commission. 

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Eye on Elk Grove said...

Again, Mayor BSA thinks we are all stupid. Some of us have been at this longer than she has and know " the games people play now."

Whom does BSA want to get rid of now?


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