Elected official opposes Elk Grove's proposed Assembly, Senate maps for 2022

Last week’s unveiling of maps for the state's 2022 California Assembly and Senate district by the California Citizen Redistricting Commission, not surprisingly have set off a cascade of support and criticism.  

In recent days one Elk Grove-based elected official has expressed their written views to the commission. The elected official, first-term Elk Grove Mayor Bobbie Singh-Allen has spoken out against the proposed Assembly and Senate maps. 

In her written comments, Singh-Allen said Elk Grove, which is currently geographically paired with portions of Sacramento, said the proposed Assembly boundaries would group the city with Solano County communities that have no common interest. 

In the proposed Assembly District, Elk Grove is an eastern panhandle grouped with cities as far west as the Bay Area community of Benicia, and in the case of the Senate, with San Joaquin County cities.    

Here are Singh-Allen’s comments dated October 28: 

As the Mayor of the second largest city in Sacramento County, I write raising several concerns regarding the proposed maps. Elk Grove has grown since the last census and we are proud to report that we are a majority "minority" city. We are also proudly 33% API. The proposed maps may place us into Solano County or heavily in San Joaquin County. We have very little in common with those counties.
As you are aware, the criteria for boundaries include: fair representation of minority groups, population equality, keeping communities of interest intact, and more. Making significant boundary changes disrupts all of these important criteria.
I thank you all for your public service as you make these important decisions. I ask you to review your maps carefully and make minor modifications to the current maps.

Since 2012 Elk Grove has been in the 9th Assembly District and has been represented by Jim Cooper, a 14-year Elk Grove City Council veteran since 2014 who has advocated for the city. If Elk Grove remained in the proposed Assembly area, which includes the Fairfield and Vacaville, it is believed it would not have the same level of representation, and an Elk Grove-based candidate would have difficulty winning the seat.

For the Senate seat, the map has Elk Grove on the north end of the boundaries and would be in a district that includes the entire city of Stockton. Like the Assembly seat, it is viewed as a district more amenable to a Stockton-based candidate. 

The proposed maps can be viewed below. Click on images to enlarge.

Assembly District

Senate District 

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D.J. Blutarsky said...

It's too bad BSA flew solo on this and didn't consult the other four Councilmembers who also represent Elk Grove. BSA was elected with just 45% of the popular vote. A combined letter from all city representatives would have spoken a lot louder. But I suppose in the end, politics is all about Number One, regardless of the staged smiling group shots!

Josie said...

They probably used that new pushbutton system 'I agree with Mayors recommendations'.

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