Faux Pas or Fragility? Elk Grove Mayor changes social media post after not initially identifying former council member

Charity for these people is never done in silence

Several years ago, an Elk Grove City Council Member, in their criticism of the Elk Grove News, said something to the effect, oh, they only have a dozen readers, so they are just a gnat on the butt of city hall

We agree, and to this day, we have only a dozen or so readers who are nothing if not gnats.

While we are undoubtedly at the bottom of the Elk Grove media food chain - just ask the other self-proclaimed Elk Grove media honchos - we can, with no uncertainly affirm, our dozen gnats, if nothing else, monitor city hall, city council social media shenanigans and examine public records.  

Yesterday, one of the dozen gnats emailed a social media post from Elk Grove Mayor Bobbie Singh-Allen, who grabbed a photo op at the turkey dinner distribution conducted by the Elk Grove Food Bank. In her initial Facebook posting, seen below, the mayor talked about the distribution effort and mentioned two city council colleagues and two people from the food bank.

While the Facebook post was typical for most of the Elk Grove City Council Members - self-congratulating smiling selfies for doing their jobs or attending some Elk Grove beautiful people event. Nothing new here, folks. 

What was interesting was in the gnat's initial email, they noted that a current city council member was shuffled to the back, and a former city council member was not credited. Though unmentioned in the gnat's email, the spouse of a current city council member went uncredited.

Interestingly, several hours later, that same gnat noted the Mayor Singh-Allen updated that post to say the following:

It is as if the mayor picked up the vibe of excluding the former city council member and the significant other from the gnat.

We have no way of knowing if Mayor Singh-Allen was self-correcting the faux pas, or was responding to the fragility of the uncredited individuals desperate for attention. To be quite honest, we don't care either way.

However, this incident demonstrates the fragility of those attention-seeking politicians on social media when they are not "credited" for their so-called charitable works. Just who are you trying to help - people in need or themselves? 

Beyond that, it should be a lesson when putting yourself out there in such a self-promoting way, expect scrutiny. Everything from your social media posts to the public records of organizations you are affiliated with is under examination.    

Memo to Mayor Bobbie Singh-Allen, and Councilmembers Kevin Spease and Darren Suen - charity work is best done in silence, and remember, the gnats are watching.  

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D.J. Blutarsky said...

When I was a kid, I proudly wore a "Green Hornet" sweatshirt named after the television show. Well to show I've grown up now, I want an "EGN Gnat" sweatshirt and matching tank top for summer! I'm just a gnat and proud of it!

Eye on Elk Grove said...

Why are not we not surprised with this same group once again?

What we have here are self-indulgent, insecure, egomaniacal elected officials, past and present, who have an endless need to satisfy their insatiable egos. They are constantly, with these pictures all over social media, always letting those less fortunate know they are helping them when they are, in realty, looking down on them.

Remember their votes on affordable housing projects or the eviction mortarium.

Here are just a few quotes, of many, these self-aggrandizing narcissists most probably won’t understand:

“A good deed dies when it is spoken about.” - Matthew 6:1-4

“Do charity silently or else the charity is you.” - Sam Kalidi

“Real charity is giving from the heart without taking credit.”

“As per Indian culture, ‘daan’ or charity should be done quietly. In fact, it is said that while doing charity the left hand should not know what right is doing.” – Milind Joshi

White Hat said...

LMAO! Damned if they do and damned if they don't. You say you don't care, but yet you took the time out to write a story about it.

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