Former Elk Grove Mayor Ly disappointed with lack of support, defense of Hmong community ends life-long Democratic membership

AACLAD President Steve Ly at a recent news conference in Elk Grove. |  In a letter to the California Democratic Party Chair Rusty Hicks, for...

AACLAD President Steve Ly at a recent news conference in Elk Grove. | 

In a letter to the California Democratic Party Chair Rusty Hicks, former Elk Grove Mayor Steve Ly announced he is ending his life-long affiliation with the party.

In the letter, which was released this morning, Ly says the party, in his view, does not adhere to the tenets of the party preamble to their 2020 election platform. That preamble says, "We will give hate no safe harbor. Democrats will protect and promote the equal rights of all our citizens… We must heal our nation’s deepest wounds, not fan the flames of hate.” 

Ly says he does not believe the Sacramento County Democratic Party supported the Hmong community, who he said was under attack during last year's hotly contested Elk Grove mayoral race. Bobbie Singh-Allen, who ran as a Democrat, defeated Ly.

Ly, who is of Hmong descent, said the following of the Democratic Party:

"The Hmong, an already marginalized people, were targeted and ridiculed by Democratic elected and their supporters. These elected watched as their derogatory and offensive words set off a storm of hate toward the Hmong community. It is beyond disappointing to have witnessed that the above beliefs no longer hold true, least not by the leadership and some of its members on the Democratic Party of Sacramento County." 

With his resignation from the party, Ly said he is now identifying as No Party Preference.

Ly's letter can be viewed below. 

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D.J. Blutarsky said...

Interesting development.

Before Steve Ly was elected as Mayor, the only way to get elected to Council was to court the developer and union money. Then Steve Ly came along and upset the status quo by pulling in vast amounts of money from out of the area, primarily from Asian-based resources.

Having a Democratic Party endorsement did not help any candidate's war chest, but possibly proved its worth for winning over voters who voted straight party line. Steve Ly proved in the past that he doesn't need a party endorsement to win.

The recent emergence of Ly from the rubble of ousted candidates is interesting. I would bet dollars to donuts that Ly is going to run for an office in November 2022, just not sure which office. Observing the dirty campaign that Bobbie ran last election, I'd be looking over my shoulder if I were her!

Capt. Benjamin Willard said...

In the past, Mr. Ly never received my vote in any of his campaigns. It seems he has performed a commendable act of conscience. While I will not say it was an act of courage, it could be liberating should he choose to run, as D.J. has suggested.

Given Elk Grove and Sacramento County have been trending blue in the last several years, being free of party promises not to criticize fellow Democrats (the aptly named Reagan Doctrine), Mr. Ly will be free to take potshots at anyone he wants without fear of party retribution. And yes, local parties are not serious sources of campaign cash.

In a way, he is taking one page from Mr. Trump's playbook and doesn't have to play nice with other candidates. Voters might just like that.

If he does run for mayor, it will be interesting to see who on the city council will stand by Ms. Singh-Allen or suddenly become "neutral".

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