Elk Grove News Minute - Instead of 'fresh eyes' did we get a patsy?

When former Elk Grove city manager Laura Gill was fired, Councilmember Pat Hume said in the media, the city needed a pair of fresh eyes to manage things.

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D.J. Blutarsky said...

Besides the managerial snafus mentioned in the podcast, let's not forget the Great Flood of 2021, which also demonstrated that Mother Nature better not attack Elk Grove on football Sunday!

Before coming to Elk Grove, "Fresh Eyes" cut his teeth in the renown government managerial powerhouse of...drum roll please...Galt, CA! And when Pat Hume gives his blessing, what that really means is their development "partners" sitting up in Granite Bay approve of a lightweight manager who won't make waves and bend like a jellyfish in the deep blue sea!

I'd say the City got exactly what it wanted.

Renegade said...

Berhman better wake up, he's losing credibility within the ranks as well as the public; not a good look for someone trying to make a career of public service leadership.
He's being taken advantage of by the council and can't be much respected by subordinates when he's seen as a milk toast leader who has yet to show any leadership or motivational skills. Staff's recent poor research and work product is a direct reflection of his lack of skills. Now he's negotiating a huge purchase of 100 acres for a potential zoo against experienced and seasoned real estate attorneys. Gee, I wonder how that will work out?

Eye on Elk Grove said...

I do believe that Jason Behrmann is a good man. But did he really ever have a chance? The Elk Grove City Council has always used Behrmann's kindness as weakness and controlled him from the “bully” dais. And with two of his city manager predecessors, who by all accounts were unyielding tyrants, this nice guy shouldn’t finish last.

Not to pivot, but the EGN Minute did mention the pending Ramos lawsuit. The one that needs to go is City Attorney Jonathan Hobbs! Farming out millions of legal fees to his old law firm even after the city attorney's office was expanded when Hobbs professed to keep more legal matters inhouse.

And let's not forget that Hobbs has refused to answer the question about deferred compensation involving Kronick, Moskovitz.

What are you hiding Elk Grove City Attorney Jonathan Hobbs?

Steve L said...

Eye is right. Hobbs is drawing a huge salary and benefit package then farms out any job that requires heavy lifting, deep thought or risk. He’s causing the city and tax payers to essentially pay twice for legal assistance. That’s just ridiculous and a waste of our money. He needs to go.

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