It takes an act of Congress, or at least the Assembly for a city to do what one Elk Grove resident has long advocated

Map of blast area for Elk Grove's Suburban Propane tanks. | 

During their Wednesday, December 8 meeting, the Elk Grove City Council heard and adopted a report from city innovations czar Christopher Jordan on emergency evacuation plans. The report included evacuation plans should the Suburban Propane tanks located near the Sky River Casino, the site of the city's proposed zoo, and most importantly, residential neighborhoods explode.

A noteworthy aspect of this is that over several years, decades now, in fact, Elk Grove resident and smart-planning advocate Ms. Lynn Wheat has urged the city to address the threat to life should the tanks explode or experience a significant malfunction. City council members and bureaucrats have been dismissive of Wheat's concerns and sought to minimize them.

Why the sudden interest in evacuations plan, you might ask, especially as it relates to the propane tanks or other potential disasters like flooding or train derailment? Was there some light bulb moment with city leaders or the innovations department?

The explanation is simple - the city was compelled to develop plans by an act of the California legislation. Under state law, as part of general plans, the city will now update evacuation plans every eight years.

During public comment, Wheat noted the possible zoo near the Suburban tanks and expressed concern about the animals. Wheat ended her remarks by stating, "it is about the animals."

As this demonstrates, it sometimes seems it takes an act of legislation for the city council to address common-sense requests from an informed citizen. But as we know, the city council is more intelligent and better educated than the rest of the populace, or as we are often told by a couple of city council members in particular. 


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D.J. Blutarsky said...

Once again, what do the little people know!

My understanding of the legislation is that Elk Grove won't need to update the maps for another 10 years. It is irresponsible that the known population density within the casino, which is nearing completion, was ignored. And what about the zoo, which is as sure a deal as the sun will rise tomorrow.Talk about turning a blind eye, or another inconvenient truth to ignore.

And what of the older housing tracts to the north--will sellers be required to add the propane risks to their real estate disclosure documents now? And how convenient Sterling Meadows is outside of the hazard boundary. And who decided to use the 2000 Quest study for the blast zone, when newer reports were done for the facility. Oh, I'm sure whichever report had the smallest boundary was used!

Capt. Benjamin Willard said...

To paraphrase Elk Grove's former DPW Director Mr. Richard Shepherd, when it comes to the Suburban Propane Tanks blast circle, maybe with should have drawn a bigger circle.

Capt. Benjamin Willard said...

To paraphrase Elk Grove's former DPW Director Mr. Richard Shepherd, when it comes to the Suburban Propane Tanks blast circle, maybe they should have drawn a bigger circle.

Steve L said...

So typical. New faces, but results never change.

Eye on Elk Grove said...

Thank God for Lynn Wheat! Margaret Mead would be proud. No matter how much the Elk Grove City Council members, past and present, disrespected her, Lynn has always stood for what is right and just. Council members pick their fingernails, ignore her, and/or yawn while she is addressing her government at the podium, but Lynn persevered, not allowing them to defeat her.

And as far as the propane tanks are concerned, Lynn has long advocated for the safety of our city’s residents, even when a council member said from the dais, regarding affordable housing and putting that housing near the propane tanks, “Let those kind of people live over there.”

Renegade said...

Atta girl, Lynn.
I've heard you for YEARS advocate for not building housing within the blast zone of Suburban Propane. No one on the dais ever paid her any attention. SHE was looking out for the community, not the mayor and council. She was summarily dismissed as are most all of the public that make the effort to speak before the council.

Funny thing is, this was a no-brainer and they still didn't listen.

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