Latest Assembly map for Elk Grove, Sacramento tilts district into solid blue

The latest map released by the California Citizen Redistricting Commission reveals boundaries that would place Elk Grove into a solidly blue California Assembly district.

Currently, the 9th Assembly District area includes Sacramento, Elk Grove, and rural and more conservative-leaning portions of south Sacramento and northern San Joquin counties. The district, as noted by Jeff Burdick of SacPolitco, currently leans purple.

As noted by Burdick, Cooper is expected to formally announce his candidacy for Sacramento County Sheriff. Among the likely Assembly candidates is Elk Grove Vice Mayor Stephanie Nguyen. 

Although the current boundaries are not final, they could include current Assemblymember Kevin McCarty. Sources report that McCarty intends to move to the adjacent Assembly District covering northern portions of the City of Sacramento and seek reelection there.  

Nguyen reportedly will be endorsed by Cooper and Sacramento Mayor Darell Steinberg, as well as other Sacramento area Democratic officeholders. Although Nguyen, considered a moderate, is the most well-known candidate expressing interest, given there is no incumbent running other candidates, possible progressive Democrats are expected to seek the position.

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D.J. Blutarsky said...

The Dream Team coming up!

Supervisor Hume
State Assemblywoman Nguyen
U.S. Representative Singh-Allen
and Mayor Gary Davis!

Oh give me a drink...please

Eye on Elk Grove said...

Every morning, I fire up my computer, make a cup of coffee and after emails, I look at Elk Grove News.

Except for Stephanie Nguyen, the others on D.J.'s list would be the region's worst nightmares. Didn't we learn anything from having the other three on the Elk Grove City Council?

In this case, misery doesn't love company.

D.J. Blutarsky said...

Eye on, if Nguyen is to advance her political career, I believe she needs to start developing a political identity and platform of her own. Under the reign of BSA, any sitting Council member appears to be the Mayor's minion. With rest of the "Dream Team", we know what we are getting:

Hume: Urban sprawl of County ag land
Gary Davis: One boondoggle project after another
Nguyen: ?
Singh-Allen: Daily doses of front-and-center photo-ops on social media

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