Wacky World of Politics - 1 Degree of Separation Between Tucker Carlson, Elk Grove Mayor Singh-Allen?

At one time the Elk Grove Mayor sued major City of Elk Grove contractor  

Politics can often be a wacky world, and Elk Grove politics is no exception. We were reminded of this while reading about a lawsuit, and the keyword here is lawsuit, filed against the California Citizens Redistricting Commission.

The CCRD is the non-partisan body tasked with drawing boundaries for the Board of Equalization, the California Assembly, California Senate, and U.S. Congressional districts in California. The voter-approved commission has citizens, not politicians, in charge of the decennial redistricting process.

Recently attorney Harmeet Dhillon filed suit claiming they are conducting partisan secret meetings. While the CCRC has denied the claims, for long-time Elk Grove political observers Ms. Dhillon's name probably rings a bell especially for those who interacted with her. 

In 2010 Dhillon was retained by Bobbie Singh-Allen in a lawsuit against the MV Transporation, who until recently operated the city's eTran bus services. The lawsuit can be viewed here, and the context of the action is explained here.

Since the time of that lawsuit, Singh-Allen has joined the Democratic Party and supports Elk Grove's Democratic representative in Washington DC, Dr. Ami Bera. Singh-Allen has received campaign contributions from Bera's wife and was endorsed by the fifth term representative in 2020 mayoral campaign.

Both Dhillon and Singh-Allen are Sikhs and have found themselves on opposite sides of Bera and their paths intersected during Bera's first reelection campaign in 2014 when he edged out former Republican Representative Doug Ose. Bera, who is of Indian descent, was and continues to be widely criticized by a significant number of Sikhs for not renouncing the 1984 so-called Sikh genocide in India.

A widely circulated Associated Press story in 2014 quoted Dhillon, who supported fellow Republican Ose because of Bera's silence on the 1984 incident. Conversely, in the same story, Singh-Allen said while she was disappointed Bera had not taken a more resolute stance, he nonetheless represented broader Skih-American interests and was supportive of his candidacy.   

In the last decade, and even before she represented Singh-Allen, Dhillon has established herself as a Republican heavyweight in California politics. Dhillon's growing stature is not confined to California, though. She has frequently appeared on Fox News' Tucker Carlson show.

The most recent appearance was earlier this week, where, reflecting her growing national status in conservative politics, discussed New York City vaccine litigation.  

It should be noted that Singh-Allen and Dhillon have no visible current relationship. Also, a review of Singh-Allen's financial disclosures does not show any campaign contributions from Dhillon, and Singh-Allen did not contribute to Dhillon's unsuccessful 2008 California Assembly candidacy. 

Nonetheless, the relations ascending politicians cultivate and the paths these other individuals navigate can illuminate intentions and motivations not entirely visible upon initial review.  

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