Elk Grove News Podcast - Are they MAGA extremist willing to turn their back on voters, the constitution?

On January 6, 2021, one year ago, American democracy was under attack in a way not seen since the American Civil War. A mob inspired by former President Donald J. Trump stormed our nation’s capitol building in Washington D.C. and tried to prevent the certification of the 2020 presidential elections.

Incited by Trump and the Big Lie about the election results, the mob was one of many pawns in Trump’s attempted coup. Are there others?

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The Atlantic - TRUMP’S NEXT COUP HAS ALREADY BEGUN January 6 was practice. Donald Trump’s GOP is much better positioned to subvert the next election.

The Big Story from The Atlantic: Threats to Democracy
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D.J. Blutarsky said...

In an ABC News/Ipsos poll conducted last week, 71% of Republicans said they sided with Trump's false claims that he was the rightful winner of the 2020 election.

This is sad. Sad that 71% of ANY group would believe in something without a single shred of proof! Maybe embarrassing is the better word than sad. It should be embarrassing to all of us that as a society we are so gullible.

“Repeat a lie often enough and it becomes the truth”
Nazi Joseph Goebbels.

Eye on Elk Grove said...

“Cowards in the shadow!” Referring to Hume and Spease, not once but twice. As insiders know, Hume will hit the Scotch on being called a coward.

Why do these two rank-and-file Republican lawmakers refuse to speak out? They’re afraid of their fellow Republican constituents and those who hold the local Republican power. It’s Trump’s party, and their Republican constituents virtually worship the guy.

Forget about putting country over party because it’s actually worse than that. In Hume’s case, he is vying for the Republican vote to win the Board of Supervisor’s seat; just as Spease did last year. Get the Republican vote and hope that the Democrats split the vote.

Have either proven they will put country over their political careers and speak out? Crickets!

Have to love Max Boot!

Renegade said...

Well researched and stated article re: the insurrection. A year later and it's still incredibly painful to watch news clips of blindly faithful and uninformed citizens attack our nation's capitol with the intent to overthrow our democracy without a single shred or evidence to support the "Big Lie."

Are citizens in today's society really so uninformed? Do they follow their biased news providers without asking for proof?
They support the lynching of Nancy Pelosi and Mike Pence? For what?
They weren't even going to allow a trial, just a killing. Sounds much too close to Nazi Germany and the Third Reich to me. What's happened to America?

Donald Trump had his four years and America voted him out. That should be the end of the story.

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