Elk Grove News Minute - America's first three party state

Factions in political parties are nothing new. Recall the split between Goldwater and Rockefeller Republicans, or more recently the Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders riff.

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D.J. Blutarsky said...

I disagree with EGN's characterization of the State leadership. I would argue that California is a four Party, or even possibly a five Party state.

EGN has labeled the Republicans as being "pro-Trump". There is a faction of elected Republicans who do not necessarily support Trump.
The moderate Republicans support a smaller more accountable government, lower taxes, and a more progressive domestic policy than Trump ever espoused.

The wildcard and potential fifth Party of the State power structure are the Independents. While the Independent Party has little official representation in the offices of the Capitol building, make no mistake, their influence at the ballot box is immense and has put more than one elected official into office. How long they stay in office is often up to the Independents.

The power structure of California is too complicated to simply label it as a three Party state. But whether it is a three, four, or five party state, there is a growing realization that the power structure is becoming more out of touch with the people.

Many Californians are escaping the state by moving vans which have no party affiliation, and others are following their employers to other low-tax states where they can hit the reset button.

One thing is clear though: the various party factions better get their act together or the midterm elections are going to be a cold slap in the face for many!

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