Elk Grove News Minute - 'Let’s go, let’s go’ - still the question remains, whose gonna pay? -

One of this week’s interesting stories involved the Sacramento City Council which comes one year after an important event in Elk Grove. 

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Renegade said...

Good question; Who's gonna pay?
Funding for a billion $ project is the $64,000 question. Cheung doesn't have the money or the financial backing to pull this off. He's looking to create his own Ponzi Scheme with Natomans left to watch the dust clear after the money runs dry and see a partially built albatross of a structure remaining to remind the Sac City Council to ask the obvious questions next time and assure the funding is in place before embarrassing the city.
Oh yeah, BTW, CNU has just lost it's accreditation, so it looks like their scheme may have blown up prematurely. The city and Natomans may have been saved by higher powers that oversee these projects requiring compliance and meeting of standards. The Sac city council didn't even inquire as to their accreditation status.

Connie said...

Given Renegade's comments, and important Intel, Steinberg will undoubtedly have egg all over his mayoral face if the CNU project falls through.

And while on the subject of ego-driven, self-serving, boastful politicians, what is with city of Sacramento Council member’s Angelique Ashby angle here that she is the sole proponent for CNU? Running for higher office much?

Ever the optics politician, Steinberg will rebound and most likely seek to keep the Sacramento Zoo within city boundaries. What hospital when as Elk Grove Mayor Bobbie Singh-Allen said, “It all about the animals.”

Love animals, and especially my dog, but alike the city of Elk Grove, those of us with land and animals, learn to live within our means. My dog has a very big yard paid for by private funds.

Where is the city of Elk Grove going to get the $200 plus million to relocate the zoo, land already purchased or not?

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