Final boundaries on city council district maps could determine comeback aspirations of former Elk Grove mayor


On Wednesday at 7 p.m., Elk Grove City Clerk Jason Lindgren will offer a presentation during the Elk Grove City Council meeting on the recent revisions to proposed district maps for the Elk Grove City Council's four districts.

The three maps under consideration could determine the candidacy of a prominent Elk Grove politician, former Elk Grove Mayor Gary Davis. Based on a source's most recent voter registration address information, Davis could be registered in District 2 or 4, dependent on the final maps. 

Davis has reportedly been planning a relaunch of his political career by running for Elk Grove City Council District 4. Current District 4 representative Stephanie Nguyen is running for the California Assembly District 10 seat and is expected to finish in the top two in the June primary and advance to the November general election.

Davis, who was first elected to the city council in 2006, became Elk Grove's first directly elected mayor in 2012. Davis was campaigning for his third two-year tern in 2016 when he mysteriously dropped out of the race.   

Last year Davis entered the Sacramento County Board of Supervisors District 5 race to replace Don Nottoli. After Elk Grove City Councilmember Pat Hume entered the race last year, Davis withdrew. 

If Map 11 were adopted with its current configuration, Davis' would be in District 2 based on his voter registration. During the March 9 City Council meeting, there was broad support for Map 11 because all four districts would border Highway 99, and there is a central meeting point at Highway 99 and Elk Grove Boulevard.

During the March 9deliberations, District 2 City Councilmember Pat Hume suggested adjustments to Map 11 (see video below), that intentional or not, could be viewed as beneficial to Davis. That adjustment would keep Davis' neighborhood in District 4. 

The third configuration, Map 12 has Davis' neighborhood in District 4. Even though the city council placed that map into final consideration, council members were lukewarm to those boundaries.  

Although Davis could run for the open District 2 seat, he would campaign against Felipe Martin, who has the backing of Sacramento-based Region Business. That advocacy group is led by Joshua Wood, a longtime confidant, and ally of Davis.

Hume's suggested changes could be approved during the Wednesday city council meeting.   

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Eye on Elk Grove said...

It is a sad state of Elk Grove’s local politics that backdoor dealmaking is still alive and well.

I can’t help but wonder if Pat Hume’s steadfast altering of certain maps was so that Gary Davis could stay in D4 (very rehearsed on Hume’s part – his stage acting skills on full display). Part of the “deal” so that Davis would drop out of the BOS race against Hume? This would keep D2 safe for their chosen candidate.

And “they” think we don’t know what they are doing! It was so obvious because it was overplayed. . .or is that overdirected by whomever was scripting Hume?

Josie said...

So they feel like they hold all the cards and they end up overplaying their hand, up until they discover that the voters don't buy into their bull.  Could that be why you see people being silent on what is happening right now?  Elk Grove politicians throw their spiel at us every day, including council meetings making them sooo easy to read.  They're like some high school political that a winning hand?  Only time will tell!

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