Elk Grove News Minute - An exercise in window dressing for parochial political purposes

Homeless camp next to the Union Pacific tracks on Elk Grove-Florin Road in Elk Grove. | 

Like most communities, Elk Grove has a growing population of homeless people. In response, the city has formed a homeless task force.

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D.J. Blutarsky said...

Just think how good their glossy campaign flyers will look for them though. Posing next to a homeless person, perhaps feeding them a biscuit or two, or stuffing their worn shopping carts with a backpack (the famous go-to charity item for photo-ops). Or even better, a photo-op doubleheader--a staged Food Bank photo while standing next to a homeless shopping cart filled with fast food donated from all across our city!

Eye on Elk Grove said...

First masquerading as a teacher. And now a deceptive attempt at caring for the plight of our city's homeless. Pat Hume would be better served sticking to who he really is because people can see right through his Catcher in the Rye “phoniness!”

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