Ratepayers notified by postcard of big jump in Elk Grove garbage collection fees

Notwithstanding the recent spike in inflation, the City of Elk Grove has notified ratepayers by postcards of a significant increase in garbage collection fees that will be effective this summer.  

As part of their public outreach, the city sent a postcard to ratepayers advising them of the increase, which will be formally approved during the June 8 Elk Grove City Council meeting. Even though the city has not finalized the proposed rates hikes, the city council discussed the increases with a new garbage handling law at several meetings starting last year.

That law, Senate Bill 1383, requires all California jurisdictions to implement organic garbage collections programs. Ratepayers will now be required to separate organic garbage like food scraps and specific food handling materials and place them in a container with yard waste.

If the proposed rates are adopted as expected, effective July 1, monthly garbage collection fees will increase by 22 to 24-percent depending on the garbage container used by ratepayers. The city has not disclosed when ratepayers who do not currently have the additional garbage can will receive their third container for green garbage.

Although the city has not determined its methods, an enforcement mechanism will be implemented at some point. The green garbage containers will be collected monthly.

Passed in 2016, SB 1383 seeks to redirect up to 50-percent of landfill disposal by 2025 based on 2014 levels. The law aims to reduce the state's greenhouse gas emissions by 20-percent.

Typically, the city does not distribute stand-alone mailers on items like changes to garbage collection fees. However, given inflation pressures and the significant rate hike, which was discussed since last year, and it is an election year, the city is seeking to explain the increase.  


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