For Mother's Day, a slightly warped playlist

Whether they are still with us or not, we all love our Mums, and this is the day when we honor motherhood.  Of course notwithstanding our lo...

Whether they are still with us or not, we all love our Mums, and this is the day when we honor motherhood. 

Of course notwithstanding our love, sometimes mother-child relations can be stressful. We can't help but think of the fictional character Tony Soprano and his relationship with his mother Livia.

The Soprano characters of Tony and Livia came from Soprano creator David Chase and were based on his relationship with his mother. Chase loved his mother but acknowledged she had her ways.  

With this in mind, we created a playlist of songs for Mother's Day. While there are a few softer songs about Mom, many point to the more fractious relations.

Aside from this decidedly darkly-themed list, so let us know what are your favorite Mom songs. 

Mama Tried - Merle Haggard

The pride of Bakersfield notes even though he ended up "doing life without parole" it wasn't from the lack of Mama trying to help. 

Mother; Julia - John Lennon

The founding member of the Beatles has two entries on our list. Lennon famously had an interesting relationship with his mother. 

Mother seems like a primal scream as much as a song while Julia is quite tender.

Bob Dylan - It's Alright Ma

Not so much a song about mom but using her as a soundboard for Dylan's critique of society. 

Mothers Little Helper - The Rolling Stones

The Stones give a description of some Mums during the 60s that still applies.

Mother and Child Runion - Paul Simon

The sweetest Mothers Day song on our list.

Mama Told Me Not To Come - Three Dog Night

Mom's always give good advise and sometimes we should listen!

My Mom - Eminem

By far the darkest song on the list, Marshall completely throws mom under the bus. Must make for interesting Mothers Day phone calls!

Mama Kin' - Aerosmith

Even when you are a womanizing drug adled rock star, you need to "keep in touch with Mama' Kin', tell her when you've gone and been."

Motherlover - Justin Timberlake and Andy Samberg, SNL skit

A creepy but hilarious song first seen on SNL. At the beggining of the video you see our two lover boys being released from jail. The video immediately below this titled "Dick in a Box" explains why they where thrown in the can, but the title gives you a good idea why!


Fancy - Reba McEntire

A mother who encourages her daughter to become a working girl to support the family. So much for societal safety nets. 

Livia Soprano 

Curious about Livia Soprano? Here is how viewer are introduced to the Soprano family matriarch.

Happy Mother's Day!

You may not like us, but here you are!
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