How the Elk Grove City Council is like Donald Trump

There are three constants among all current and former Elk Grove City Council Members and Mayors. 

First, they constantly heap praise on highly paid city executives for essentially doing their jobs. We can't think of any private enterprise where similarly highly compensated individuals are praised like kids receiving participation trophies.

Second, when they are running for reelection, can you ever think of a city council member or mayor who hasn't somehow suggested they somehow were solely responsible for the city's balanced budget. 

The dirty little secret is aside from providing general guidelines, the city staff develops budgets. Additionally, it's not like they have a choice in the matter - California law dictates that local governments operate on a balanced budget.

Finally, how many times have we heard on the campaign trail or from the dais from mayors and city council members how the city has built a multi-million dollar reserve? 

Recently there have been signs that the Elk Grove City Council, possibly joined by the Cosumnes Community Services District, will seek to raise sales taxes in Elk Grove by one full percent. 

All of this leads to the logical question - if the mayor and city council members are such wizards at building this multi-million dollar reserve and maintaining a balanced budget, why do they need more money from a sales tax increase which disproportionally falls on lower-income families?

If they have built this reserve for a rainy day, why suddenly do they need more of our hard-earned money? Are they hiding a coming financial collapse or some other catastrophe

It will be noteworthy to see how they develop their plan, which has a chance of being approved by voters depending on what sort of increase they seek.

Nonetheless, given the city's non-stop bragging about their reserves and balanced budget, we can't help but think the main title from Mary Trump's book about her Uncle Donald applies to our city council, the mayor, and other civic leaders who will fall in line and push for the sales tax increase - for them it's always Too Much and Never Enough.

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