Supervisorial candidate Steve Ly accuses opponent Pat Hume supporters of spreading lies, suggests they are tied to sign vandalism

In a statement issued this morning, Sacramento County District 5 Board of Supervisor candidate Steve Ly suggests that vandalism of his campa...

In a statement issued this morning, Sacramento County District 5 Board of Supervisor candidate Steve Ly suggests that vandalism of his campaign signs is related to attack ads launched against his candidacy.

As reported on KCRA, several Ly campaign signs have been vandalized recently. In this morning's statement, Ly said another sign was vandalized overnight.

Ly's statement suggests yesterday's and last week's attack mailers against him that are sponsored by the California Real Estate Association are tied to one of his opponents, Elk Grove City Councilmember Pat Hume. 

The statement says, "It was about a week ago, the day after Pat Hume's special interest group propagated lies against Sacramento County Board of Supervisor, District 5 candidate, Steve Ly, Ly's campaign signs became a hit for vandals. Across Sacramento County, Ly's campaign signs were destroyed. Zip ties were cut, and signs were trampled on."

In the KCRA report, Hume said his supporters and campaign workers were instructed not to tamper with opponents' signs. 

"Ultimately, we don't want to be worried about silly political gamesmanship, we're focused on the issues of our campaign," Hume told KCRA.  

Yesterday's mailer attacking Ly includes story quotes from Elk Grove News, KCRA, and the Sacramento Bee. An informal reader survey suggests the mailer went to all Sacramento County District 5 voters regardless of political registration. 

"Please be on the lookout for the people or person destroying my campaign signs. My signs are the only ones being targeted throughout Sacramento County and I am asking for your help. The community is our eyes and ears," Ly said in the statement. "We can stop these individuals by working together with the media. Not only is this a crime, but this is also an infringement on a person's first amendment right." 

Vandalism reports were filed with Elk Grove Police, and KCRA reported that Ly suspects Hume and another District 5 candidate, Cosumnes Community Services District Director Jaclyn Moreno's campaign, are involved. A Moreno campaign official has denied any involvement.  

In addition to the accusations, Ly is offering a $1,000 reward for the arrest and conviction of people responsible for the vandalism. 

Ly added, "The hate that Pat Hume and his people perpetuate cannot be tolerated."

If Pat Hume responds to an email sent early this morning seeking comment on the accusations, the story will be updated. 

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Eye on Elk Grove said...

Open question for Pat Hume: Why is it you feel you can't win on your merits? And do you think anyone believes you don't know about these IE hit pieces?

White Hat said...

I'm pretty sure Pat can win on his own merits. Pat has been good for Elk Grove and is best for Sacramento County. Another candidate appears to be crying an awful lot about everything.

Randy Bekker said...

I hate hit pieces but I know a number of instances of ones past that people owe pay backs and they are not running for office. It is easy to blame an opponent, front runner to be relevant to the process. Sign’s are wind sails to the delta breeze as plastic ties are cut by the metal posts. A number of signs of other candidates I have retied on the Blvd because they are on the ground. I doubt opponents would know who is behind hit pieces as they are focused on their own campaigns.

D.J. Blutarsky said...

If you hire a bulldog to run your campaign, then I guess people will get bit along the way! If you tell your bulldog to do whatever it takes, but don't tell me about it, then you also have plausible deniability!

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