With an almost 2-to-1 money advantage over closest competitor, Guerra for Assembly launches TV commercials

Guerra makes direct appeal to Elk Grove voters with new TV commercial 
If there was ever an opportunity for candidates to show that money isn't an end to all in politics, three of the four viable candidates in the 10th District California Assembly race have a chance to prove that. Those three candidates, Republican Eric Rigard and Democrats Elk Grove City Councilmember Stephanie Nguyen and Rev. Tecoy Porter, are lagging fundraising efforts of Sacramento City Councilmember Eric Guerra but still could survive the June 7 California primary. 

According to information compiled from California Secretary of State campaign finance filings, Guerra has an almost two-to-one advantage over Nguyen, the second leading fundraiser in the 10th Assembly District race.

With the advantage of fundraising for a State Senate campaign that started in early 2021 and was abandoned when he entered the Assembly race, Guerra has raised approximately $644,940. Nguyen, who joined the race in February, has raised about $327,000.

Along with sending more mailers than his competitors, Guerra has purchased Comcast TV advertising. Guerra's spots, including the one seen below targeting Elk Grove voters, were run in highly-rated weekend programs like yesterday's NBA playoff game between the Golden State Warriors and Dallas Mavericks and are said to be in rotation on CNN through Memorial Day.

In California's primary system, the top two finishers advance to the November general election regardless of party affiliation. Although Rigard has maintained a low profile, being the only Republican, he is expected to draw significant partisan support and could edge out one of the three leading Democratic candidates - Guerra, Nguyen, or Porter - for second place.

The race for first place is not only paramount for the three Democratic candidates, but finishing first, even if it is two Democrats, will significantly help with fundraising for the general election. Given his extensive advertising, Guerra's campaign expenditures appear to be aiming for a first place showing and the campaign funding spoils it will bring for the November election. 

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