Bids submitted on Elk Grove's Project Elevate

An artistic rendering of Elk Grove's proposed Project Elevate. |

Although Elk Grove is exploring the possibility of relocating the Sacramento Zoo, another large project is in the works for the city's civic center area.

That development, called Project Elevate, calls for a multi-use facility located on Elk Grove Boulevard near the city's District56 area. The total area is 20 acres.

The property is listed by Turton Commercial Real Estate. It is described as a "parcel zoned for mixed-use residential/retail/office/hospitality development located in the evolving economic epicenter of the City of Elk Grove."

The description further states, "The goal is to create a high-density residential environment where residents will be surrounded by regional, organically grown retail and office businesses that are easily walkable."

The deadline for bids was on April 29. According to Elk Grove city officials, the city received four proposals.

The bidders were not identified, and the Elk Grove City Council is expected to hear the matter later this summer.


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D.J. Blutarsky said...

Three out of the four proposals must be from out-of-town developers who have no idea how the local game has been rigged for years to favor this one particular developer. I feel bad for them because it is costly to prepare proposals and in the end, they will just get a thank you and a wish for better luck next time! By the way, they say the weather in Greece is nice this time of year!

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