More Than Three Minutes Podcast - Is Elk Grove really a city of compassion?

By Lynn Wheat | 
In January 2020, the Elk Grove City Council adopted a charter for compassion. How compassionate has the city been in following through on this commitment? 
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Randy Bekker said...

Lynn didn’t mention that the Oak Rose apts. violates the OTSPA and the applicant is hiding behind SB35 to get their project approved. As she is a great advocate but none of the residents in Laguna opposed the 2 other apartment projects in the amount as residents of Old Town. Maybe if residents got involved in their city less complaining would be towards their city government. No resistance gives the idea that no one cares or it doesn’t matter. That’s my 2 cents $

Atticus Finch said...

If a City's compassion is measured from the examples set by its elected officials, then the answer is no. Elk Grove is not a compassionate city. However, if a City's compassion is measured by the number of verbose proclamations, resolutions, charters, and speeches, then Elk Grove is perhaps one of the most compassionate city's in the region.

D.J. Blutarsky said...

Mr. Becker, I think the point Ms. Wheat is trying to make is if the City likes a project, they will pull out all the stops they need to (in the name of "innovation" of course) to approve it. OTSPA, General Plan, zoning ordinance...doesn't matter--the City hands out amendments to their golden plans like food samples at Costco! But if they don't like the plan--watch out, those plans will be used against you!

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