With Nguyen headed to District 10 Assembly runoff, Elk Grove City Council's District 4 will be an open seat

With her first place finish in the District 10 California Assembly race, Elk Grove City Councilmember Stephanie Nguyen is poised to become the most powerful Elk Grove-based elected official.


Although there are many votes still to be counted, it appears Elk Grove City Councilmember Stephanie Nguyen will be one of the two candidates to make it to the District 10 California Assembly race in the November general election. As a result, the District 4 seat on the city council Nguyen currently occupies will be open for a four-year term this November.

Among candidates already declared for the seat is Elk Grove Planning Commissioner Sergio Robles. Initially a candidate for District 2, Robles moved to District 4 after redistricting.

Although no other declared candidates are declared, these are some possible candidates for the open seat now that Nguyen will be advancing.

Former Elk Grove Mayor Steve Ly - Originally elected to District 4 in 2014, Ly appears to be headed toward a third-place finish in the District 5 Sacramento County Board of Supervisors race. Ly still enjoys high name recognition, and with by-district voting, the financial resources needed to run are not as considerable as running a citywide race such as Mayor.

Nancy Chaires-Espinoza
- A current Trustee with the Elk Grove Unified School District, Chaires-Espinoza ran against Ly in 2014 for District 4. Chaires Espinoza is mid-way through her current term, so if she ran and did not win, who would still have her seat on the EGUSD Board of Trustees.

Former Elk Grove Mayor Gary Davis - Even though Davis' current residency was placed in District 2 during the city's redistricting process, the former Mayor has always shown a willingness to move to meet his political ambitions since his move to Elk Grove in 2005 from Natomas. Davis could still run for District 4, or for that matter District 2, as he attempts his political comeback. Never discount his maneuvering.

A recruit of Elk Grove Mayor Bobbie Singh-Allen - With Nguyen's departure, Mayor Bobbie Singh-Allen has the opportunity to mentor and recruit a loyalist for the city council. Even though she is said to support his candidacy, Robles was appointed to the planning commission by Singh-Allen's political rival, former Mayor Ly. Singh-Allen could decide to recruit her own candidate, and from her perspective, with no ties to Ly.

The other factor to consider is Nguyen's endorsement. Nguyen won her 2018 election on a citywide basis, and her endorsement of any candidate would be valuable. Although data is not yet available, Nguyen's current lead in the Assembly race could be because of substantial support from Elk Grove voters.

Davis and Chaires-Espinoza endorsed Nguyen's primary Assembly opponent Sacramento City Councilmember Eric Guerra, so she is unlikely to support them. Conversely, Robles has endorsed Nguyen's Assembly candidacy.

Other candidates will emerge, but it might be a rough road for their candidacies without Nguyen's support. Should Nguyen prevail and win the Assembly seat in November, she will eclipse Mayor Singh-Allen and become the most powerful Elk Grove-based politician.

If Nguyen chooses to be follow the time honored path of other elected officials, she'll flex her new power in a way to build her machine.


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Eye on Elk Grove said...
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Eye on Elk Grove said...

As an Elk Grove City Council observer since incorporation, most have failed miserably in “character” education. I believe Stephanie shows determined strength when needed. Likewise, she also genuinely possesses compassionate leadership while the others, with their doctored images, just sit up on the dais and fake how much they care about the people they were elected to serve.

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