What people are saying about Elk Grove's Sky River Casino

Now open for over 24 hours, the Sky River Casino in Elk Grove is taking local social media by storm.

The casino located on Elk Grove's southside took everyone by surprise when it opened early. Of course, the Wilton Rancheria and Las Vegas-based Boyd Gaming laid clues out last week when they offered tours to several area politicians.  

Response on social media has been overwhelming with thousands of positive comments. Most people expressed joy for the opening of the first casino in Sacramento County aseen in these Instagram posts.

Not surprising, there has been abundant commentary on the traffic created by the opening. The traffic became so heavy the Elk Grove Police issued an advisory that patrons would be turned away with the parking lots at capacity.

Overflow traffic made its way to nearby neighborhoods based on these comments on Elk Grove PD's Facebook page. 


This person noted the casino will be near the proposed zoo. Without mentioning it specifically, the Whitelock Parkway interchange will be needed to relieve traffic, as noted by this comment. 


Another person on Instagram reviewed one of the numerous high-end restaurants in Sky River. The days of shrimp cocktails and inexpensive prime ribs dinners are a distant memory!

As for the gaming experience, here are a couple comments from early patrons. 

And for people hoping for a family-friendly venue, keep in mind this is a casino!

Notwithstanding traffic jams and opening hiccups, Sky River will make a boat load of money for Boyd Gaming shareholders and members of the Wilton Rancheria. As for costs, time tell if the casino becomes a 24-hour a-day liability for Elk Grove taxpayers. 

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