Video: Owner of German Shepherd to be euthanized, supporters urge Elk Grove City Council to intervene

Ms. Faryal Kabir addressing Elk Grove City Jonathan Hobbs. | 

Several speakers at tonight's Elk Grove City Council urged city council members and Mayor Bobbie Singh-Allen to intervene and spare the German Shepherd named Zeus.

The comments were made on behalf of Ms. Faryal Kabir, whose dog Zeus was taken by Elk Grove Animal Services in July. The city took the dog following a May incident where the canine bit and injured a pedestrian requiring medical treatment. 

When the dog was taken in July, an Elk Grove Police officer who was on hand was bitten. Zeus has been held at the animal shelter since.

The dog was scheduled to be euthanized this week. However, the procedure was stopped pending a federal lawsuit.

Along with Kabir, four speakers asked to halt Zeus' euthanization. While one speaker said the dog's treatment was cruel and neglectful by animal shelter employees, others said Zeus could be trained and acknowledged Kabir did not correctly handle the dog.

Also speaking was Juan Portillo, who identified himself as a dog trainer. Portillo, who appeared in a TV news interview days earlier, said Ms. Kabir mishandled Zeus.

"I don't think Zeus deserves to be euthanized," he said. "I think you guys should consider giving him another chance."

During her emotional testimony, Kabir suggested other alternatives to save Zeus and looked at Elk Grove City Attorney Jonathan Hobbs, saying, "Mr. Hobbs, make sure you listen to me."

"I'm here to ask you to allow a sanctuary to take my puppy, Zeus," she said. "I'm here to ask you to spare his life, please." 

After public comment, Singh-Allen stressed the city council could not take action on items brought during public comment. She also suggested people look to the city's and animal services websites for more information.

The final disposition of Zeus has not been released. 

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Atticus Finch said...

I hope the owner of the german shepard isn't euthanized! That would make COEG a sponsor of state sanctioned execution! How about this: German Shepard to be euthanized....let the owner live.

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