Whoopsy daisy! Elk Grove Mayor Singh-Allen's first campaign mailer hampered by glaring proofreading error

Labor Day is the traditional launch of American political campaigns. With this end of summer and beginning of autumn benchmark, Elk Grove Ma...

Labor Day is the traditional launch of American political campaigns. With this end of summer and beginning of autumn benchmark, Elk Grove Mayor Bobbie Singh-Allen today distributed her first mailer of the 2022 campaign season.

Her first piece is an enveloped letter to registered voters in Elk Grove. The letter contains typical campaign talking points.

Interestingly, in the lower right corner, Singh-Allen included a post-it note-like endorsement for Elk Grove City Council District 2 and District 4 candidates Rod Brewer and Sergio Robles. It is impossible to determine, but if this post-it was a last-minute inclusion, it might have contributed to a glaring proofreading error. 

As you can see in the image, the last paragraph is riddled with what, to be charitable, can be called proofreading errors.

Click on the image to enlarge. 

As you can see, maybe placing the post-it note realigned the text and dropped some words from the copy. Regardless, this is not a simple typo.  

The proofreading flub is a significant dereliction by whoever was assigned the task. Ultimately, the buck has to stop with the mayor.

With the hundreds of thousands of dollars Singh-Allen has secured, you would think her professional campaign staff would have caught this glaring omission. Unfortunately, for a well-funded campaign, this is just plain sloppy.  

It makes you wonder - if she can't manage her campaign staff to catch an obvious error, how can she possibly provide oversight for Elk Grove taxpayers? 

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Atticus Finch said...

The whole mailer is pure fluff and rhetoric. Typical talking points for anyone running for office. I think its funny BSA mentions our traffic and transportation "situation" is improving thanks to a new train station that hasn't even been built yet. And even after it's built, it will do nothing for local traffic. Her whole first paragraph is BS 101. And what "smart city plan" is she referring to? The way BSA and her cohorts on the council spew their recycled, rehearsed, rambunctious, rhetoric, you would think they were describing a different town.

Let's not forget the City received $22 million dollars from the American Rescue Plan. Half paid to the City in 2021 and the other half this year. Of that money, 9% or $2 million was spent on "flexible Homeless solutions". $500k was spent last year and $1.5 million this year. Have we noticed any improvements in the City after getting an infusion of $22 million?

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