Letter to the Editor - It's Almost Voting Time Again

Today we received a Letter to the Editor. Unlike other correspondence, this letter was in the form of a PDF. The letter was from Edward Borden Jr., of Lake Havasu, Az.  

The entire letter can be viewed below. 

You may not like us, but here you are!
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Atticus Finch said...

SO basically, what Mr. Borden Jr. is saying is that if we all vote for the GOP candidates, our country will be made right again and our problems are solved. The border will be secured, immigrants will cease wanting to come to America, inflation will get under control, the economy will boom again, housing and health care will miraculously become affordable, crime will go away because it only exists when Dems are in office, and everything will be peaches, as long as you don't espouse views different from the autocrats in government and the far radical right and also don't believe in the Constitution and women's reproductive rights. If you are ok with shredding the Constitution, then voting GOP makes total sense.

I'm curious why is it that the GOP and Trump couldn't dismantle the Affordable Care Act (they tried many times) and build the wall and secure the border during Trump's first two years in office when the GOP held Congress and the WH?

Renegade said...

Think this guy watches Fox News? He's repeating everything Fox News spends hours disseminating to the American public. He's bought into the "steal" program and can no longer be objective about ANYTHING.

Wake up! Use your brain; be analytical to what you hear, don't take it as the gospel because some high-paid GOP-loving reporter says it on tv. You're entitled to your opinion, just make sure it is well-researched and accurate.

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